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Chapter 11 Bankruptcy For The Los Angeles Dodgers

On Thursday, 30 June 2011. Views: 4156

Comprehensive Breakdown of The Dodgers Filing

The filing of the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy by the Los Angeles Dodgers LLC and Los Angeles Dodgers Holding Company LLC on June 27, 2011 was surely done after massive preparation by its attorneys. As with most Chapter 11 filings, the case was filed and immediately after the filing a number of “first day motions” were filed. According to Los Angeles Bankruptcy attorney Thomas B. Ure, these motions included: (1) a Motion for Joint Administration of the Debtors’ Chapter 11 Cases; (2) an Affidavit in Support of Debtors’ Chapter 11 Petitions and First Day Motions; (3) Motion for an Order: (A) Authorizing Continued Use of Cash Management System and Procedures; (B) Authorizing Maintenance and Continued Use of Existing Bank Accounts and Waiver of Certain Operating Guidelines Relating to Bank Accounts and the Requirements of Section 345 of the Bankruptcy Code; (C) Authorizing the Banks to Honor Certain Prepetition Checks; and (D) Granting Related Relief; (4) a Motion for Interim and Final Orders (I) Prohibiting Utility Companies from Altering, Refusing, or Discontinuing Utility Services, (II) Approving Los Angeles Dodgers LLC’s Proposed Form of Adequate Assurance, (III) Establishing Procedures for Resolving Objections Thereto by Utility Companies, and (IV) Scheduling a Final Hearing Thereon; (5) Motion to Authorize Debtors to (A) Continue Workers’ Compensation, Liability, Property, and Other Insurance Programs and (B) Pay All Obligations in Respect Thereof; (6) Motion for Order Authorizing Payment of Certain Prepetition Taxes and Other Government Assessments Pursuant to Sections 105(a), 363(b), 507(a) and 541 of the Bankruptcy Code; Motion for Authority to Pay Prepetition (a) Wages, Compensation, Payroll Taxes, and Employee Benefits; (b) Business Expenses, and (c) Contributions to, and Under, Employee Benefit Plans, (II) Authority to Pay Prepetition Benefits Providers, and (III) Authorizing Financial Institutions to Honor and Process Checks and Transfers Related to Such Obligations; (7) Motion to Continue Customer Programs and Authority to Honor Prepetition Obligations to Customers; (8) Motion to Pay Critical Trade Vendor Claims; and (8) Motion to Authorize Debtors to Perform All Obligations Under Collective Bargaining Agreements. Mr. Ure states that, as of today, the following parties have appeared in the pending case: (1) Major League Baseball Players Association; (2) American Federation of Television and Radio Artists; (3) AFTRA Health and Retirement Funds; and (4) Jamie McCourt. For further information about the bankruptcy process, visit

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